VVS Foundation

“Every child in this world should have an education in fine arts”

VVS Foundation is a step towards instituting a distinguished system of music education and passing on to the next generation, the undiluted form of music.

VVS Foundation was founded by VVS Murari when he quit a high profile job with a leading banking institution in Chennai. The passion for the art form and his management skills a unique blend gave way to the birth of VVS Foundation. The institution consists of various wings such as VVS School of Music, Naadhabruhmam (Sound Research Centre of VVS) – Established for the purpose of researching, unveiling the essence & hidden truths in the sahityas (lyrics) of great composers of carnatic music. VVS’s research also focusses on bringing out the actual effect & power of the sound in the manthras, upanishads, songs & so on (ஆருயிரே, பொன் பொழிவிக்கும் தியானம்), Gurupoornima Publications (வயலின் வறலாறு – Tamil Version, The History of Violin – English Version) & Swathi Books (வயலின் வாசிப்போம், Sathyameva Jayathe, The Secrets of Naadhaa).

VVS Foundation is named after Murari’s father & guru, a legendary violinist, research scholar, composer, author, innovator and Inventor “Naadha Yogi”  Prof. V V Subrahmanyam.

About VVS – A multifaceted musician,  “Naadha Yogi”  Prof. V V Subrahmanyam’s genius is obvious in the purity of his music, perceiving and playing melody as inseparable with lyrical excellence and silky bowing. He won the special appreciation from the world-renowned violin maestro Yehudi Menuhin as ” Violin Virtuoso Subrahmanyam”, when he performed in the East-West encounter held at New Delhi in the year 1964.

He has also merited a mention in the book “Eternal of India” by Smt. Indira Gandhi, Late Prime Minister of India. UNESCO released its first ever South Indian Instrumental recording, of the legendary VVS, a rarity. As a true devotee, Prof. VVS is serving for the cause of music & culture.

About V V S Murari – The torch bearer, Murari having imbibed V V S style completely, conceptualizes this institution as an avenue to extend his contributions, improvisations and concepts to the world of music. The thought behind conceptualizing such a system is to benefit more music students in a wider manner. VVS foundation also aims at inculcating professionalism in the art form along with better personal management, developing the overall personality of its students. The institution takes care to imbibe additional deep-rooted values like time management, performance strategies, self confidence, and fear management that cater to the requirements of self improvement. This insight added to their talent helps them transpire as more refined personalities and musicians.

This institution has produced eminent violinists such as V V Ravi, V V S Murari himself, RK Shriramkumar, Mullaivasal Chandramouli, BU Ganeshprasad, VV Srinivasa Rao, Balu Raghuram (UK), Sikkil Balu Bhaskaran, & budding artistes like Sunitha Harishankar, Jalatharan (UK), Harish-Vocal & Violin (US), Raghavakrishna (Vocal), Lakshmi Sreeram (Vocal), Subishkar Rangarajan (Vocal).

VVS Foundation has many students learning from knowledgeable and dedicated teachers.  Lessons are also given with the help of communication aids such as Internet & VoIP.